Sunday, 15 April 2012


To some people, controversies spice up life or make the sport more interesting.
Well to me it depends on what kind of controversies we are talking about, if it is some trash talk or predictions like what Ali used to do, then it is perfectly OK, Some do it to boost ticket sales, that is also ok, so long as things are not carried too far, then it is acceptable.
However lately the antics of Derek Chisora seems to have crossed the line, slapping your opponent during weigh-in, spitting water at your opponent's corner, and worse fighting with another fighter who during the post news conference, the other fighter being David Haynes, another English boxer known for his childish antics.
What has happened to English boxers these days I wonder, gone were the days of that legend, the late Sir Henry Cooper, a true class gentleman, both in and out of the ring. well I guess there is only 1 Henry Cooper.


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