Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Some people says controversies make life more interesting.
I am not so sure about that, more so with the sport of boxing. Take last weekend fight between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson for example.   I personally do not like Hopkins alot, he like many Yank fighters
tends to be rather brash, cocky and indulges in lots of trash talk. But then you cannot deny the fact that this guy is super talented. I mean a world boxing champion at age 46. We are not talking about Bowling , sepak Takraw or Ping Pong.
Coming back to the fight, if you watch the replays, Chad definitely lifted Hopkins up, in fact one of his hands was wrapped round Hopkin's legs and he clearly dumped him.
Now you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that this is a clear cut intentional foul.
Pls refer to my earlier post about below par referees and this ref is certainly one.

The other recent one was the fight between Victor Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather Jr.
It started when Ortiz fouled Mayweather by headbutting him. Ortiz was rightly punished and given a 1 point deduction. He apologised and give Mayweather a hug, after which Mayweather hits him immediately with a left hook and knock him out with a right cross.
While the rule book says that what Mayweather did was legitimate, I feel that was a rather ungracious and ungentleman thing to do. Definitely not in Queensbury fashion.
I don't understand a fighter of Mayweather's calibre, he do not have to do that. He is winning the fight comfortably. He just lacks class.
Again the performance of a inefficient referee will affect the whole scene.

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