Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Trick questions.

I have been questioned many times and my answer remains unchanged.
Here it goes.
Oh so you loved boxing, don't you think it's inhuman and barbaric, 2 grown ups beating the living daylights out of each other and you called that sports.
Btw,  would you have enjoyed it that much if your son is in the ring eating leather ?

As I mentioned, my answer remained unchanged.

1. Boxing as a sport do have some risk, just like motor racing, mountain climbing and even gymnastic.
    If you do not have what it takes, then you have no bloody business to be in the ring. Short sweet and  

2. Will I enjoy it if my son is a boxer,  sure why not ?
    If my kid have the talents of Oscar DelaHoya, Sugar Ray Leonard, Manny Pacqiao or Floyd Mayweather
    for that matter,  I will be the first to call up Emanuel Steward, Freddie Roach or Angelo Dundee.
   I will yell at the top of my voice, take my boy, he is world champion material.
   Fortunately or unfortunately unlike me, my son has got no interest in boxing,  and I respect his choice.
   BTW, democracy is widely practiced in my household.
3. So when a guy choses boxing as a career or as an amateur sports, he ( I do not favor women's boxing )
    he must be aware of the requirements needed, the risk involved and the realistic expectations he should

Coming back to the dangers of the game, I think the referee plays a very important role.
He should be able to sense when a boxer is taking unnecessary punishmnet and must not hesitate to stop the contest immediately. We have seen so many inefficient and below par referees who have no business in the
ring. Their license should not be renewed. 

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