Thursday, 20 October 2011

Filipino champions.

I always have a soft spot for fighters from the Philipines, and before any smart Aleck calls me a fairweather fan by virtue of Manny Pacman being a Filipino, let me tell you this, brother, the boxer who  left an everlasting memory on me is not Manny but a guy called Flash Elorde. He was the undisputed junior lightweight champion for 7 years, making 10 title defences, I remember when TV was first introduced to S'pore. I watch Flash challenging Carlos Ortiz for the lightweight title. Flash was KO in the 14th round but he impressed me with his skill and speed, hence the nickname Flash.
Yes  brother, the Great Flash Elorde.    RIP.
Other greats are Dodie Boy Penelosa who overcame childhood polio with a shorter left leg. Even with this handicap, he captures the world title. Lusito Espinosa, Pancho Villa etc.
As for Pacman, well my first impression was formed when I first saw him fight in 2001 in Las Vegas, if my memory doesn't let me down , it was an undercard on a Oscar DelaHoya main event.
Anyway Manny took the fight on a few days notice and KO Lehlohomolo Ledwaba and in the process capturing the IBF super Bantamweight title.So dominant and brutal, I knew there and then that this then 21 yr old will attain greatness, At least I was right, ( most of the time, wrong in everything )
Afterwhich he went on to beat the likes of JMM, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, among others.
I would have like to see him smash FloydMayweather Jr, and retire for good.
OK  Salamat for reading this long winded message.

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