Sunday, 20 November 2011

Boxing movies.

I hate watching boxing movies, I find them horrible, with no resemblance to reality.
They are in fact an insult to this noble sport.
Much as I respect other's wish to choose what they like to watch,but what I do not understand is the logic and thinking when they made their choice,  take that horrible movie " Rocky " for example, I understand from my friend that the audience here actually clap and cheer when Sly made a comeback and start landing blows on his opponent.
In reality the way Sly stumbles and staggers and wobble around the ring, in a real match, the referee would have stopped the fight.
And yet the sport of boxing, in terms of interest is ranked very low here. I wonder why ???????????
I presume people are more interested in form rather than substance, as Abe Lincoln once said,
we think of the shadow more than the real thing.
Now you know why the statue of Rocky Balboa as a boxing icon is prefered to that of a real legend, Smoking Joe Frazier.
Rev. Jesse Jackson said in a speech earlier this week at the Joe Frazier's funeral service that the film Rocky never feel any pain or shed any blood.  Precisely. what a farce.
The only Rocky I know is Rocky Marciano, 43 fights, 43 wins. a true legend. RIP CHAMP.

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