Friday, 4 November 2011

Knowing when to hang up the gloves.

One of the most painful sights in boxing is watching old legends getting beaten up from pillar to post.
Their reflexes, speed, head movement,defense, power, they are not there anymore. Seeing Mohd Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, among others being beaten by opposition who would probably not even last a few rounds during their heydays. Of course one of the main reasons is always financial, it could also be pride and a loss of resemblance to reality.
2 Sundays ago, MMA Legends Mirko Crocop and BJ Penn announces their retirement from the ring and I think that was a right move. We should thank them for their contributions to the sport and surely it's time for them to take a dignified bow. May their future plans be just as successful.

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  1. First sorry for the diversion to MMA.
    This morning I saw a couple of fights involving some of these golden oldies, it was really painful to see them losing their balance, missing their kicks and punches by a mile, breathing heavily thru their mouth like asthmatic patients. Wanderlei Silva, Cung Lee and Dan Henderson should just stop fighting before anything fatal happens.