Monday, 14 November 2011

Pacqiao vs Marquez. post fight comments.

Well well well, after 3 fights still as controversial as ever.
However much I like Manny, I cannot in all fairness agree with the verdict, at most it will be a draw.
I gave points for Manny's agression but then JMM lands the cleaner punches. It is clear that Manny has problems with counter punchers and JMM is an expert in this particular technique. He reminds me of that great Pueto Rican legend, Wifredo Benitez.
No way Manny won, a draw will be a fairer result, in fact a JMM victory is certainly not far fetched.
The alarming thing is Manny seems to grow old overnite, definitely declining at a very frightening rate.
Against Mayweather, I know I have said it before, my heart goes for Manny but my head says Mayweather, only this time, I will say it louder.  Definitely very much less than 50 % chance. 

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